Fashion Trend Forecasting 2022: How Brands Predict New Styles
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Fashion Trend Forecasting 2022: How Brands Predict New Styles

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Fashion is the current expression on sale through the fashion industry. The global fashion industry is a product of the modern age. With time, many fashion trends come up in the market. The fashionistas out there need to be well aware of these trends. Thus, well-known fashion brands tend to use fashion forecasts to predict upcoming trends. Trend forecasting revolves around predicting the future of a market. Trend forecasters work in every industry, using data from past sales to predict future opportunities. Thus, fashion forecasting in the field within the fashion industry revolves around predicting upcoming fashion trends. These trends can be colors, fabrics, designs, styling techniques, fabric textures, and more. 

Fashion trends are the famous designs or styles of apparel and accessories at a specific time. These trends vary from small to high levels. There are micro-trends like tiny sunglasses and high-waisted denim cycle in and out of trend for a shorter time of a few months to some years. Likewise, there are macro trends that change over a high period. It has more to do with lifestyle changes than the latest fashion designs.

What is Fashion Trend Forecasting?

Fashion trend forecasting is fashion research that observes the buying habits of consumers. The forecasting helps decide on moving forward in designing a new fashion collection. It helps to predict the features of the in-demand apparel in the future. Fashion trend forecasting focuses on telling a story through trends in colors, fabrics, designs, styles, and trims. These predicted trends most often become a big hit in the fashion market and thus help the brands to be planning and design their upcoming products.

Fashion trend forecasting comes in different types. Long-term forecasting focuses on the shifts in a fashion that will be there for many years. These are the big-scale trends that define the changes in the fashion business, such as lifestyle, production of clothes, and the selling of clothes. Likewise, there is short-term forecasting. It focuses on micro trends. This type of forecast changes from season to season and often has to do with designs, colors, style, and the influence of current events.

How do brands predict new styles?

How do brands predict new styles?

The fashion trend forecasting method is often different for every brand. Typically, brands predict new trends according to their target market. For example, Kidswear apparel brands and enterprises are often more invested in micro trend analysis than womenswear or menswear brands. It is because they typically put out more collections per year. Also, forecasting depends on the size of the company and its target market. There are various reliable ways in which brands forecast future fashion trends.

  1. In-house trend forecasters: Big fashion brands often do their fashion forecasting in-house. It also allows the fashion forecasters of these vertically integrated brands to work directly with product development teams to create new products.
  2. Fashion Shows: When there was no internet facility, the trend forecasters used to do most of their research at fashion shows. There they used to note and observe the most promising and attractive looks. Then, the information used to be brought to famous magazines like Vogue and chain-store product developers.
  3. Trend forecasting agency: Larger fashion brands often prefer to take the expertise of trend forecasting agencies, instead of in-house fashion forecasters. It produces trend research reports at a price, but the agencies typically give accurate predictions.
  4. Influencers: Nowadays, most trends come to the market through influencers rather than fashion shows. Thus, trend forecasters are more likely to look at influencers, street style, pop culture, and fashion blogs for the latest information on the trends. 
  5. Other industries: Smaller scaled independent fashion designers may prefer not to do trend forecasting. Instead, they might create their latest designs based on different industries like film, art, and nature to inspire their unique collections.
Some of the most predicted fashion trends forecasted for 2022

1. Mini-Skirt Suits With Major Impact

Be ready for girls to get a chic look with the trendy mini-skirt suits. These suites feature a high-waisted skirt with a stylish design and some soft colored hue. For a formal look, one can complete the look with heels. The fabrics are cut and tailored from wool blends. These suits are made specifically with women in mind. The mini-skirt suit gives you an elegant, slim-fitting look that accentuates your woman figure. Most fashion trend forecasters have given a green signal to this trendy choice of clothing.

2. Dresses with tails and trains

The tail dresses are designed especially for photoshoots, ramp walks, weddings, and birthdays. They can be princess gowns or simple evening dresses that make an enticing pick. The dress comes with a long train in fabrics like a net. Some trains even have beautiful ruffles in them. These dresses make a girl's perfect look companion. 

3. The footwear frenzy

As many sneakers and slippers are in fashion, the coming future holds more to it. Do you think people nowadays prefer uncomfy footwear? Hell no. Maybe girls wear uncomfortable heels for some occasions, but the daytime footwear will always remain comfortable. By 2022, there will be a lot of emerging trends like ballet flats and loafers that will reign supreme on the sidewalks. 

  • Tech Shoe: This trend has undoubtedly crept into the women's market, from the men's market. The 'tech shoe' is similar to a rain boot that makes the most of sporty utility elements like straps, rubber, and futuristic silhouettes. 
  • Loafers: Nowadays, the loafer is updated in bold hardware, fresh coloration, and platforms for an interesting spin on a timeless silhouette. Perfect trendy footwear for the coming time.
  • Ballet flats: The ballet flats of today's time are updated with statement hardware and silhouettes like the square toe. One can pair these trendy flats with denim or trousers rather than a sweet frock to avoid looking like you are going for a ballet class. 

4. Animal Imprints

The love for animal imprints in the present fashion world cannot be ignored. Animal imprinted dresses, bags, and even shoes are seen on runways. These prints are eye-catching distortion and coloration. It may not be straight from the safari, but it's certainly fresh off the runway. No doubt this will be a big successful future trend of 2022. Some of the most famous designs are-

  • Zebra imprints: It is undoubtedly one of the leading animal prints in the market. This print makes attractive wearable apparel with its neutral color palette and minimalist appeal. 
  • Cowhide: Cowhide is typically the kitschy sister to zebra print. It is a winner when it comes to the goes-with-anything wearability. It has a cool-girl slant, perfect for everything from accessories to apparel.

5. Customized charm jewelry

Charm jewelry is an in-demand fashion on the fashion streets — whether it's charm bracelets, pendant necklaces, or even belt charms. Charm jewelry always reflects our interests and is a go-to for showcasing personal taste. In the coming time, customized charm jewelry will be ruling the market because of its unique look.

6. Mixed Print Garments

Mixed print garments are yet other trendy apparel with great potential. Apparel has emerged as one of the most fun and creative ways to style an outfit. This is not to forget the popularity of these amazing clothes on the fashion runways!


Due to the ongoing pandemic, fashion trend forecasting can be challenging for most fashion forecasters. But yet, thanks to the internet, many fashion trends have emerged during this period. Fashion trend predictions can help brands, stylists, and fashion designers to decide on their next fashion venture. It can help to get maximum customer attention for their new product. Thus, fashion trend forecasting is a blessing for many.

Besides fashion trend forecasting, there are a lot of factors on which the new upcoming apparel sales depend. One such factor is the quality and affordability of the product. Following the 'quality over quantity' rule, fashion brands and designers should give special attention to the quality of their clothes. Getting a good quality fabric at an ideal price is still a real struggle for many. But worry no more, as we are here with the best solution for you. To get the premium quality fabrics at heavily discounted rates, head to Fashinza

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