Cheapest Deals on Dress Form Mannequin
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Cheapest Deals on Dress Form Mannequin

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Dress form mannequins are available at a range of prices depending on the type and material of the dressform. Clothes mannequins come in various shapes and styles, often used as dummy pieces for display purposes. There are a few online stores that offer good quality dress form mannequins at an economical rate.


Cheapest Deals on Dress Form Mannequin

Amazon is the most widely used and trustable website worldwide. It has different types of dress form mannequins and at cheapest deals. Plus, there are offers on certain cards and cashbacks. Here are a few best deals you can find on Amazon for the dressform. 

  • Loop Group ® Female Mannequin with Metal Plate Stand Mannequin Premium Store Display Dummy Mannequin Dummy Model Hanger Dress Kurti Display Stand (Black): for INR 3,149
  • Sav Mannequins in Fiber for Male Full Dress Display (Black) Size-8 Pack of 1: for INR 11,999
  • Loop® Female Mannequin - Female Dress Form Wheelbase Mannequin Premium Store Display Dummy Mannequin Dummy Model Hanger Dress Kurti Display Stand (White, Small (8): for INR 5,499
  • Micra Female Dummy Skin Colour Mannequin Plastic: for INR 5,428
  • RAVIZAA® Female Straight Full Body Dress Form Mannequin Display Dummy with Hair Wick (Eco) (Skin Colour, 5.8 Feet): for INR 4,499
  • MH Mannequins House Fabric Dress Form for Display (Black, 8/10/12): for INR 4,600
  • Ziofy Female Dress Form Wheelbase Mannequin Premium Store Display Dummy Mannequin Dummy || Black Color: for INR 5,199
  • Massive Reckon Female Mannequin Straight Full Body {Standing Position} Display Dummy with Hair Wick: for INR 4,999
  • Ash & Roh® Full Body Female Mannequin w/Base Plastic Realistic Display Head Turns: for INR 4,369

Mannequin ‘N’ Manikin-

Mannequin ‘N’ Mankin is India’s No. 1 online for all the varieties of Dress Form Mannequin, Dress Forms, and Body Forms that too at a very low rate. What's more, they are currently on sale.

  • Female Dress Form | MFD002: for INR 4,899
  • Kids Dress Form | MKD001: for INR 4,236
  • Male Dress Form | MMD002: for INR 4,999
  • Female Mannequin | MFA007: for INR 6,408
  • Male Mannequin | MMA002: for INR 5,924
  • Female Mannequin Torso / Bust | MFT001: for INR 4,236
  • Male Mannequin Torso / Bust | MMT003: for INR 4,407


Another online shop for clothes mannequins is IndiaMART. Known for its best quality dress form and at a very cheap rate. Let us have a look at a few of them.

  • Fiber Standing Dress Forms Female Mannequins: for INR 4,000
  • White Plastic Black Male Mannequins Dress Form: for INR 6,500
  • Female Fiberglass Ladies Dress Form Mannequins: for INR 2,500
  • Mannequins Dress Forms with Adjustable Hands: for INR 3,500
  • Fiberglass Standing Female Black Dress Form Mannequin: for INR 1,800
  • Foam and Fabric Male Dress Form: for INR 3,000
  • Anand Traders White Dress Forms Mannequin: for INR 3,200
  • Fiberglass Dress Forms: for INR 2,800


Cheapest Deals on Dress Form Mannequin

Ubuy has a wide range of dressform from around the world. India’s best and most reliable online shop for dress form mannequin, and most reliable. They offer dressforms at the best deals and reasonable rates. Here is a look around.

  • Beige Female Dress Form Mannequin Torso Body with Black Adjustable Tripod Stand for Clothing Dress Jewelry Display: for INR 6,836
  • Dritz Sew You Adjustable Dress Form, Small, Opal Green: for INR 9,381
  • Female Mannequin Dress Form Torso with Round Metal Base and Neck Cap - Off White Premium Fully Pinnable Women's Dress Form: for INR13,278
  • Green 13 Dials Female Fabric Adjustable Mannequin Dress Form for Sewing, Mannequin Body Torso with Stand, Up to 70" Shoulder Height: for INR 15,376
  • Black Adjustable Female Mannequin Dress Torso Clothing Display/w Tripod Stand: for INR 7,033
  • Female Mannequin Torso Dress Form Adjustable Height Black Tripod Stand Base Style Dress Jewelry Display, Beige: for INR 8,619
  • Adjustable Mannequin Dress Form Female Black Steel Wire 32"22"32" on Decorative Stand: for INR 9,199
  • Adult Female Dress Form Padding System for Professional Dress Forms (12 Piece Set): for INR 5,197
  • Zimtown Red Female Adjustable Torso Mannequin Premium Women Dress Form Display W/ Wooden Tripod Stand: for INR 8,275
  • Zimtown Female Mannequin Torso Body Dress Form with Adjustable Tripod Stand White: for INR 7,148

These are a few online websites where you can get the desired dress form mannequin at a pocket-friendly rate. You can search what you want, select the location and place your order. The shipping charges are usually included, and a few objects have the option of free delivery. So, do not miss out on this opportunity and get your dress form mannequin. 


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