A Case Study On How The Future Of Fashion Subscription Model Looks Like
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A Case Study On How The Future Of Fashion Subscription Model Looks Like

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The only marketing patterns in the industry are no longer retail and e-commerce. Subcom, or subscription commerce, is reshaping the landscape of e-commerce and the approach to online services with customers is conducted by assisting firms in developing stronger ties with them. It was prophesied during the 2017 World Economic Forum that by 2030, no one will own anything.

Collaborative consumption has been increasing, as we saw in our Post-ownership Merchandise microtrend. When we extend it to fashion, an industry characterised by rapid turnover and an out-of-date retail strategy, one can't help but feel like it's a lagging business. However, after looking at consumer behaviour in general, it is noticed that the subscription business model is also heading in that way.

What is subscription-based fashion?

The subscription business model works when clients make monthly payments in exchange for periodic products or items. Early entries including Spotify, Amazon Prime, and others have created a positive role model for newcomers. Monthly payments from loyal clients who continue with the firm for whatever reason account for a large portion of the money produced.

The subscription revenue model is evolving into something more than a one-time purchase. It's about forming groups and drawing together communities of like-minded individuals who have common passions and interests.

The big three of fashion subscription

The big three of fashion subscription

Restoration, Collection, and Accessibility are the three most well-known eCommerce subscription services nowadays.

  • Consumers can use replenishment subscriptions to automate the purchasing of basics. Razors, nappies, and healthcare are just a few examples.
  • Curation subscriptions: They deliver fresh items or highly tailored experiences to subscribers. For instance, food, beauty, and clothing.
  • Access subscriptions: It offers members-only privileges or lower-cost options.

Many subscription-based fashion firms might be a good fit for the Curation subscription among the three categories.

Fashion subscription case studies

These days, there are a plethora of box subscription providers. There is a "box" for practically anything, from apparel to packaged foods, fragrances to make-up. Stitch Fix, on the other hand, is the firm that started it all for subscription business models. Many believe their methodology is set to overturn retail's digital transition since they've handled it so brilliantly.

Stitch Fix is a tailored online shopping platform that has made a name for itself in the subscription industry. With hand-selected pieces, their goal is to make signature style accessible to everyone. Since its first shipment in 2011, the company's yearly sales have risen to $1.2 billion. In the most recent quarter, it had 2.9 million unique consumers, up 22% from the previous season. A fledgling firm that genuinely makes a profit is an uncommon Silicon Valley beast.

Dollar Shave Club is a successful example of a convenience subscription. Consumers who subscribe for regular shipments might get a discount on razors. Dollar Shave Club was among the first direct-to-consumer companies to grab the attention of a business in 2016, and it was purchased by Unilever for $1 billion in the same year. As per Unilever, the Dollar Shave Club grew by double digits in 2018, with four million subscribers.

To guarantee that each box is personalised to a client’s particular preferences, each business has its strategy. Typically, customers may consider paying a monthly styling charge to ensure that each box is suited to their unique preferences. Then, once users have gotten their products, they may either buy and wear the items they like right away or return the ones that don't suit them well.

Is the fashion subscription business model here to stay?

Is the fashion subscription business model here to stay?

It takes more than determining the appropriate specialty, the type of product, and the right community to build a profitable subscription fashion business that influences the direction of the business. It's crucial to identify something the owner themselves is passionate about, so they can start with the finest intentions for the customers. Trending subscription boxes have the opportunity to expand if buying patterns shift indefinitely, or at least semi-permanently. Diversification, an increase in recurring consumers, improved predictability, and total utility are the biggest advantages of subscription-model fashion eCommerce.

It operates by allowing customers to rent archival pieces from designers like Prada, Maison Martin Margiela, and Vivienne Westwood for a monthly price. It is also decentralising fashion for consumers who may not otherwise have accessibility to these labels, with an emphasis on incorporating statement, premium, and unattainable fashion products. 

Companies will emerge successful in this strategy if they treat current consumers with care and encourage them to continue in long-term purchasing cycles. This was a crucial point to examine to grasp the potential of the subscription business model for retail eCommerce in the next few years. Fashion businesses will prosper if they take care of their existing clients and encourage them to engage in a long-term buying cycle.


Subscription-based eCommerce has arrived. From YouTube to SoundCloud to alcohol delivery and kitchen preparation packages, the subscription business model is becoming the default option. As a result, it is clear that perhaps the Subscription model is designed to benefit digital services and product vendors. In terms of the eCommerce fashion sector, it benefits both your clients and your company. Now is the moment to start the first profitable subscription business; let Fashniza assist you in grasping the concept and locating manufacturers that can meet all of your needs.


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