10 Ways to Attract Investors for your Fashion Business
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10 Ways to Attract Investors for your Fashion Business

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Fashion is at the core of the current and coming generation. Entrepreneurs and fashion designers often find it challenging to secure investments for their fashion houses. One of the main reasons is finding the right investor who can assess the value offered by women-centric fashion designers. Securing funds for the fashion business is tricky, but it is not impossible. With strategic measures, you can navigate these uncertain waters and get an investor to say yes to your fashion business. Here is a list of ways that fashion houses can attract investors:

10 ways to attract investors

Having one or multiple investors for a Fashion House business is beneficial for both the entrepreneur and the investor. Fashion is an industry that will always yield profit with proper planning and creativity. Fashion businesses must speak the language that investors and venture capitalists understand.

1. Personal networking

Personal or soft networking requires first connecting with acquaintances to pitch an idea. Seek their advice to perfect your business pitch. Having friends and family support your dream is not enough for a business owner. If your concept and branding cannot convince those who know you well to invest in the business, it is clear that your approach needs a revamp.

2. Crowdfunding


For clean energy and automotive enthusiasts, the story of Aptera is not unknown. This company went bankrupt, manufacturing solar-powered cars with a futuristic look. But in 2011, it reformed and went the crowdfunding way to secure investment. 

One of the most successful private financing schemes is crowdfunding or securing smaller investments from a large pool of people. Various online platforms allow potential businesses to create a pitch and go to the public looking for financing. Crowdfunding is slow, but with a winning idea with a mass appeal, you can benefit from this type of funding. 

3. Captivating concept story

Your personal story is sure to attract investors. If you can present your journey to discover why your particular jeans with hidden pockets are crucial for the market right now, investors will bet on your conviction of the need for that specific product. Investors want to invest, but they do not want to waste their time and resources. A compelling story to support the brand’s conceptualization is sure to connect with an audience, and for the investor, acts as a hook that promises an ROI (return on investment).

4. Short pitch

First impressions do matter, and your pitch should be precise and riveting. Creating a short and impactful pitch is a prerequisite for attracting investors. Investors look for a story that is to the point. Focus on the critical information—which market needs can you address with your product? Focus on case studies about the current fashion scenario and how your brand can contribute to the fashion industry.

5. Go with the business partner

Solo startups are not very sustainable, especially from an investor's perspective. Someone who shares the same ideals and beliefs makes pitching the idea more effective. A business partner can also share the narrative journey of the brand and add credibility to the pitch.

6. Business uniqueness

The fashion industry is saturated with ideas. Bringing a new idea to the industry might be a bit difficult, but that is the highlight of the pitch - what makes your brand stand out? Investors will bet on the creativity of the designer in incorporating a popular theme or trend, such as sustainable fashion or different size charts. Treat investors as potential customers and, taking a cue from The Wolf of Wall Street, to create demand via marketing.

7. Well-equipped team

Fashion is not a solo performance. A proper team ensures the right growth of the fashion brand. And this is what an investor requires. In a business, having many heads means a better flow. That said, tagging just about anyone in the business is also a big no. Before taking the pitch to an investor, you should focus on building a strong team that includes junior designer(s), tailor(s), marketing manager, and a co-founder.

8. Cater to the needs

The ability to identify and cater to the consumer’s needs is another aspect that investors seek.

A brand comes into existence when there is a demand. Your brand must fill a gap in the industry. In fashion, designers are often tasked to create the need. The ability to identify and cater to the consumer’s needs is another aspect that investors seek. There are many jeans manufacturing companies that cater to different body types, but deep pockets in women’s apparel are still hard to come by. Identify a pain point for your customer and be the first to address it.

9. Experience in fashion

As a fashion retailer or designer, opting for investors with some knowledge of the fashion industry is a must. It is not just about finding an investor, but getting the right investor who is perfect for your business. An investor who understands your market can be a fantastic spokesperson for your brand. Similarly, convincing an investor about the benefits of a particular product will only be possible when they know the fashion industry.

10. Keep statistics at hand

Investors are deeply interested in statistics. Numbers can say a lot about the product. All claims will fall short if data is not presented to support the narrative. Saying that there is an immediate need for upcycling is not enough. As a brand, you must cite surveys, demographics, and other details to show your research and insight. Such detail can pique the interest of investors even further. You must be an expert in the product you offer.

Final Words

Today, there are fashion designers and businesses who have a lot to offer, but they often fall short due to a lack of proper guidance and investors. Using these tips and tricks, you can confidently approach investors, secure funding, and turn your business around. 

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