10 Fashion Trends of the 80s
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10 Fashion Trends of the 80s

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The 80s was a fun and exciting decade. Massive waves of pop culture trends, as well as some of the best TV shows, music, movies, and comics of all time, defined the decade. A decade that many reminisce with a sense of nostalgia. One of the best ways to relive those days is by adorning accessories and outfits that were iconic back then.

This sense of nostalgia has also been a major trendsetter in today’s fashion. Even though minimalistic looks have been the most influential for a while now, the bold, exciting, and eye-catching looks from the 80s have seen a major comeback. 80s fashion wardrobe is the perfect choice to find predictable designs and basic styles. Here is a list of the 10 best fashion trends of the 80s, which are chic and bold and deserve to be brought back into trend!

10 Fashion Trends of the 80s

1. Acid Washed and High Waisted Jeans

Acid Washed and High Waisted Jeans

The 80s fashion had the largest variety of jeans, from acid-washed to rock style. Most of the jeans from that decade had ripped designs that had an entire portion on the knee torn out! Ripped and torn jeans are still a massive hit in the market and will rock the fashion industry for a few more decades to come. Another favorite style was the ever lovely high-waisted jeans, which is still a statement design nowadays. To create the 80s inspired minimalistic look, good old acid-washed boyfriend jeans can be paired with a cute crop top.

2. Shoulder Pads and Oversized Coats

A fun oversized coat with humongous shoulder pads was the most sought-after professional look during the 1980s. The padding, which is covered by fabric, was added to a piece of clothing to give people an illusion of having a broad shoulder. Most of the coats and blazers from the time were often boxy and big. These statement blazers have been making a comeback recently, even with huge designers like Yves Saint Laurent. Style them with stilettos, a pair of high-waisted clean-cut jeans, and a solid top. For a full-on statement, Zendaya style, wear the blazer on its own with matching pants and bold jewelry.

3. Spandex


One thing that set cool kids apart in the 80s was spandex. It was considered cool as it looked fly and was also super comfortable to wear. They were often worn with calf-length leg warmers. At first, they were traditionally used by professional dancers to keep their legs warm and to reduce muscle injuries, but with the introduction of bright and bold colors, they quickly became an 80s fashion statement. During the 80s, the most popular way to wear these leg warmers was to pair them with cords or jeans. The wrinkled look made a statement, so they were pulled up over the knee, making sure they never reached the thigh.

4. Puffy Sleeves

Puffy and balloon sleeves were another major 80s fashion trend. The defined and rounded detailing on the shoulder gives a voluminous look to the sleeves and amps up any attire, be it a top or a dress. While styling a puff sleeve top or dress, make sure it clinches at the narrowest part of the waist (under the bust area or at the natural waist). Choose a high-waisted bottom or pair it with a cute skirt.

5. Headbands

The 80s were all about big accessories and volume hair, of course! And the headband was one of the most trendy ways for women to keep their hair out of their faces. Headbands were either worn on the forehead or around the head and can be paired up with any outfit. They come in a variety of different colors and sizes. Some of them are even big enough to be worn like a hat. The exceptional stretch and cozy materials also keep the head and ears warm and toasty! Headbands instantly add a bold statement and flair to the outfit yet keep the look casual. It can also be worn with a simple tank top and high-waisted jeans to add oomph to any outfit.

6. Patch Work Jeans

Some fashion trends are timeless and stay with us forever, like the patchwork jeans. Patchwork jeans first rose in popularity during the 80s. During the days, they were mostly hand-stitched and had a bunch of different embellishments like fabric flowers, or other fun items, which are beautifully collaged together to create a masterpiece. Some also featured various denim textures and washes stacked together for a clean yet trendy look. Embroidered and patchwork jeans are still in fashion this year and push up the style quotient of any collection.

7. Sneakers

If you thought sneakers were more of a 90s thing, you are wrong! The greatest sneaker designs and a few of the favorite collectibles are all from the 80s! It is just amazing to look at the designs and technical advancement. The most popular sneaker design was the Avia 880, which had a high ankle design and was popular among basketball players, Adidas APS, which was hella comfy. The Reebok Pump, which brings back memories of Dee Brown soaring to victory, and who can forget the Swoosh by Nike, which was signed by Michael Jordan. When paired with the right sneakers can enhance an outfit to no end.

8. Leggings

Bright pinks, neons, glistening black, blues, and animal printed leggings scream the 80s! They can create a fancy outfit, and can even be worn casually for exercising or dancing. The 80s fashion rule was that the leggings should be super tight, and the top should be oversized or loose. Mesh and see-through tops were also popular, especially after Madonna wore them in her Lucky Star video!

9. Sweatshirts & Knitted Sweaters


Oversized and knitted sweaters with geometric, chunky, tie-dye and hyper color designs were a massive hit in the 80s. Most of the sweaters often had a shoulder that was slightly lower than the real shoulder area to create a broader look. They were mostly paired with a leather skirt, chunky boots, and fishnets or with simple black jeans and sneakers.

10. Jewelry

Jewelry was a major accessory during the 80s. Oversized hoops and dangling earrings were a staple; clip-on earrings were super popular as pierced designs are a bit too heavy to wear. It was also a decade that was dominated by pearls, gems, and gold. The most common designs are gold disc earrings, faux gemstones, and pearls of all sizes worn as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Large neon accessories were also a massive hit! The 80s was also the creator of single or mismatched earrings that rose in popularity, with many teenagers wanting to create a personal statement.

This was also the time many females turned to punk-style jewelry to fight against the stereotype of a woman by turning to daring masculine accessories like studs, spikes, and huge rough chains.

The 80s fashion was all about block colors, neon shades, animal print designs, geometrical shapes, and bold statement-making pieces. It was also a decade with blooming fashion enthusiasts like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and the ever-charming Princess Diana. Many of the 80s designs are still in vogue in contemporary fashion, with slight changes.
Finding the right attires and dresses to complete your 80s-inspired collection can be pretty challenging. If you want your own collection of 80s delights or are looking to open an 80s fashion-inspired store, Fashinza can help you out. We are a leading apparel manufacturing platform that connects fashion brands to experienced manufacturers to keep the fashion supply chain production moving no matter where you are!


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