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Special Feature: How FaceGym Is Defining the Ecommerce Fashion Landscape

The year 2020 will be remembered as a watershed moment in the history of beauty technology. 

Big beauty corporations and startups alike have been forced to adjust as customer attitudes and expectations have evolved.

Trends and technologies from 2020 will continue to change the industry in 2021 and beyond. These include “waterless” cosmetic products and virtual try-on. FaceGym is the needle-free facelift to get on your radar ASAP. If you don’t want to go under the knife, FaceGym is the newest technique to get a firmer, more contoured face that resists gravity without the use of injectables. It helps you to reach a few faces away from sky-high cheekbones.

What Is FaceGym?

The fashion business is undergoing seismic transformations because of digital innovation, growing globalization, and changes in consumer purchasing patterns. And, owing to the coronavirus’s hastened retail catastrophe, the fashion industry is more unstable than ever.

FaceGym was established by Inge Theron in 2016 to get The Used Tools people to “exercise” the 40 muscles in their faces in the same way they do the rest of their bodies.

Theron began her career as a journalist for the Financial Times, where she acquired the idea for her company after researching various available cosmetic treatments for a piece. Lifting, tightening, sculpting, detoxing, and de-puffing are just a few of the “training” options available, depending on your desired outcomes. The objective is to activate the face muscles and restore the skin’s suppleness, as well as to enhance lymphatic drainage, circulation, and collagen synthesis.

What Happens During a FaceGym Session?

A face workout, like any other activity, may be strenuous. A 30- or 45-minute FaceGym session simulates a workout session, including a warm-up, a thorough program, and a cool-down. Trainers (yep, they’re called trainers) knead and massage your face to shape and tone muscles throughout a session. (In-person classes start at a reasonable $60.)

The name gives it away: FaceGym promotes itself as a facial exercise rather than a facial. FaceGym is the UK’s only face-specific gym. Much as you stretch, flex, and tone muscles of your body and incorporate cardio, warm-up, and cool down into your gym session, FaceGym brings all of these techniques to your face. FaceGym trainers conduct a variety of lifting workouts that target the face’s 40+ muscles.

FaceGym’s Impact on the Fashion Industry

FaceGym's Impact on the Fashion Industry

●  FaceGym has witnessed a fivefold rise in eCommerce sales this year, indicating that the company’s internet business is booming.

●  The skincare business from the United Kingdom has recently gained a big following on Instagram and TikTok, where it talks about “facial exercises.”

●  During the pandemic, the firm modified its marketing approach, as in-person treatments were previously its major source of revenue.

●  The treatments range in price from $60 to $285 and include “express workouts,” which employ radio-frequency technology to stimulate collagen and tighten face skin by emitting heat energy.

●  FaceGym started experimenting with Instagram Live videos, giving instructions about its famous face exercises to keep its customers interested during the epidemic.

●  The company’s Instagram account currently has 750,000 followers.

●  The brand’s new approach worked after it began posting “short, snappy, informative, somewhat more entertaining material,” which resulted in a 600% increase in its viewership. 

Which Tools Are Used?

The equipment used differ depending upon the workout; people used a tiny ball to stretch the face. A radio device is used to reduce bagginess and puffiness. Gold derma roller is used to promote smooth fine lines and collagen. An electrical muscle stimulator which is also known as EMS is used to firm up the skin. The chill Savasana component of the workout is the cool-down. Jade gua sha tool is used to calm the face down after all that action.

What Is the Duration of Results?

The outcomes are instantaneous. The trainer will even show you how different halves of your face appear when one has received treatment, and the other hasn’t. You will notice your brows and cheeks are noticeably elevated. Jawline appears more defined and tighter around the neck. However, the benefits are temporary.

Perks of FaceGym 

Perks of FaceGym

FaceGym’s outcomes, if the hypothesis is correct, are like those of a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class, except for firming and lifting your face. Facial training has a very long history, but many people are unaware that the face’s framework is made up of over 40 muscles.


FaceGym is redefining the beauty landscape and changing the way fashion eCommerce works with its innovative approach and products. It has been shown to aid in skin cell regeneration, detoxification, and reduction of fine lines. Are you ready to hit the gym for your face?

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