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The Future of Fashion: How Can 3D In Fashion Change the Clothing Market Forever?

We are living in times where the desire for customization and personalization is growing rapidly. Technological advancement is the latest flex for apparel brands as one can avail almost all kinds of services and make products by simply using technology efficiently. Various technological advancements in 3D printing and scanning have opened up a wide range of possibilities contributing to an upcoming revolution in the fashion industry. Many fashion brands are teaming up with designers to produce innovative 3D printed clothing items and sell them with ease through several online websites and social media platforms.

Simple 3D configurators can allow customers to create personalized clothes with colors and attributes preferred by the customers. With 3D printing, fashion designers and brands can see three-dimensional images of the clothes they have designed. Viewing them from all possible angles not only helps in understanding how the products will fit but also facilitates the process of designing the garments, improving the overall quality of the designs, and make effective communication through the entire documentation of the process. The use of 3D in fashion is also environmentally friendly. Apart from these, 3D in fashion is playing a huge role in changing the clothing market forever.

Some ways 3D in fashion can potentially change the clothing market are –

  • A fast product development process

With 3D processes in fashion, the overall process of designing, development, and production becomes much faster. A team reviews a product design in real-time and then using annotations, they collaborate. 3D technology also allows designers to visualize the items under various lightings and movements. This gives a clear idea of how well the garments are designed. Through a much-simplified process, the time and effort of the creative teams behind the designs are saved. This, in turn, helps companies increase revenue and reduce their operating costs.

  • 3D in fashion replaces physical samples
Fashion 3D Clothing Market

Because of the overly technological aspect of 3D production, it replaces physical samples with digital ones. Physical samples can be slow and expensive. Especially, lots of fibers and fabrics are wasted to create physical samples before finalizing a complete product. Digital sampling reduces overall time, effort, costs of sampling, and the tedious development process. Digital sampling also makes it possible to simulate colors, outlines, and visualize how the outer material will be draped around the body.

  • Contributes in eCommerce

3D modeling can be used on any social media or general website. There is no need to take physical photographs of the designed products. It can also be used on any eCommerce platform to receive orders quickly after the designing process and much before the physical product is produced. 3D models also enrich the customer’s online experience by allowing them to move the products around the screens, zooming in and zooming out.

  • Powerful collaboration tool

Once a product is designed, a brand will need a platform to share its content. Through collaboration with companies specially designed to allow artists and brands to share their creations, a brand can easily store its assets and share them seamlessly with its team members. Meetings that were previously held in person are now completely digitized.

  • Customers can personalize their products
Fashion 3D Clothing Market

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, the best and most advantageous aspect of implementing 3D technology in fashion is that it allows customers to personalize their products. Previously, what used to be a number of trials and errors using expensive fabrics is now completely digitized. And customers can easily make use of this aspect to personalize garments according to their wants and needs. Even though personalized products are much more expensive than normal designs, they also reduce wastage. Changing trends is also not a big deal when products can be personalized without having any physical form.


3D modeled clothes are paving the way towards altering the future of the fashion industry. It makes production and development easy for designers, creators, and development teams. Designers can design outfits by putting effort into the most minute details and customers can try out their clothes before even buying them. Clothes can also be 3D printed and in addition, Virtual Reality devices can help fashion aficionados attend fashion shows from anywhere around the world.Fashinza is a company that can connect you to the best manufacturers in the market. Be it 3D in fashion services or non-digitized apparel designing, Fashinza has got your back covered. If you are a fashion brand owner or designer, you must get in touch with Fashinza to avail the service of a greatly efficient team and a wide range of manufacturers who will manage everything from design to delivery while you relax on your couch.

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