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How 80s Fashion Evolved For Women?

Summary: 80s fashion for women was quite distinct and unique in its own way. Various kinds of silhouettes and fashion styles for women stood out and made their way into today’s fashion as well. What made 80s fashion dig in deep was the choices it rendered to women in terms of the options available in the market.

Bright, loud, and vibrant – the best way to define the 1980s era of fashion. The decade witnessed styles featuring enchanting colors and patterns, power suits to conquer the world, shoulder pads, and whatnot. 

80s fashion was quite unique in its own way. Various kinds of silhouettes and styles for 80s fashion women stood out and have since made their way into today’s fashion. What made 80s fashion special were the bold and audacious choices it gave to women. The 80s era changed the course of fashion in a major way, making way for glam, big, and bold looks.

The attire during the decade was defined by a tailored look, preferred by most women. The 80s fashion women’s looks were inspired by the television commercials of big brands like Calvin Klein or Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans. 

Today, minimalism is the buzzword when it comes to lifestyle. But fashion has a mind of its own and is turning toward maximalism again. In come the 1980s. The big, flashy trends are coming straight back from the 80s era.

The shoulder pads of the 80s were something of a flagbearer for androgynous fashion. On the other hand, there were the super-glam sequined dresses letting women shimmer at parties. The following are some of the 80s-inspired trends that brands can take a cue from:

High-waisted Jeans and Pants 

High-waisted Jeans and Pants

In the late 80s, high-waisted jeans became a staple for women. They rolled up the hem of their jeans, also known as the pegged hem, to give the whole high-waisted trend a more casual chic vibe. Brands like Guess, Chic, and Zena were popular for their high-rise jeans at the time.

Today, a pair of high-waist jeans will give both mid-rise and low-rise jeans styles a run for their money. That’s a must-include style in your latest collections. Icons like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been routinely spotted in high-waisted jeans and pants. Take a cue from contemporary brands like Levis, H&M, Zara, and Mango that have been experimenting with various fabrics like leather and velvet, not just denim, to keep this trend going.

Waist and Belt Bags 

Waist and Belt Bags

The belt and waist bag draws its popularity from being extremely comfortable, convenient, and stylish. One of the key golden 80s trends, these belt bags have made a comeback only recently. Known as fanny packs in the past, they are being seen sported by social media influencers and celebrities like Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, and Bella Hadid. With rebranded belts and stylish tweaks, they have become a fashion staple. 

Many fashion brands are creating these waist bags in floral mixes and media textures, sometimes even specifically curating bags for a particular outfit. It’s an easy way to amp up your 80s-inspired line.

Animal Prints 

animal prints

Another fun trend for 80s fashion women was featuring wild, vibrant animal prints. Zebra stripes, cheetah print, giraffe skin, and of course the classic leopard print – all became the go-to style for a look of luxury. Be it actual fur or faux fur, both women and men were seen sporting these wild impressions. 

Today, animal prints embody the circular spirit of fashion. They keep appearing in various outfits year after year. From winter coats and leather skirts to sheer tops and handbags, animal prints keep ever-evolving. Zebra print took the spotlight in the year 2022. Other than that, many brands are also experimenting with snakeskin and gorgeous tiger prints. 

Padded Shoulders

Blazers with Shoulder Pads

The shoulder pads of the 1980s are hard to miss. One of the most popular trends of the decade, shoulder pads translated into bold shoulders across categories of garments. The idea of flaunting those shoulder-padded power suits originated in 80s soap operas like Dallas and Dynasty, and of course, was inspired majorly by Princess Diana’s style.

The idea of the woman conquering the world was fresh and new, and padded shoulders complemented it well. Brands then started incorporating these in jumpsuits, puffy-sleeved tops, patterned dresses, and various other styles of clothing. 

Statement-making shoulders have recently re-emerged through blazers, dresses, jackets, and even bodysuits! Brands looking to incorporate this trend can combine big and bold shoulders with daring floral dresses to give a modern twist to this classic 80s fashionable women’s look!

Back to the 80s 

Brands and designers looking to incorporate 80s fashion women’s styles into their collections should look at everything big and glam. Oversized blazers, padded shoulders, animal prints, and puffed sleeves are the looks to go for. To give them a contemporary twist, use pastel colors to replace the classic 80s flashy vibe. Fabrics like velour, silk, and lycra are the go-to fabrics for any 80s-inspired style 

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Key Takeaways 

  • 80s fashion trends have regained popularity with tweaks and variations in newer fabrics
  • 80s fashion women trends like animal prints, high waist jeans, and padded shoulders are back in style

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