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10 Outfits for New Year’s Eve collection that are sure to be bestsellers

With 2021 drawing to a close, people are already planning their wardrobes and looking for outfits for New Year’s Eve. This year was challenging for the fashion industry, with store closures, bankruptcies and mergers. Despite this, there was some cheer with glamorous collections and new releases inspiring customers to start shopping again.

If you are wondering what your customers  are looking for to mark the end of another tumultuous year, here are 10 trends and outfits for New Year’s Eve collection:

1. Sequin dresses

Here’s a classic outfit that never goes out of style. A New Year’s celebration isn’t complete without a bit of bling, and a sequin dress checks all the right boxes. It can be paired with high heels and any type of accessory, which makes it the perfect option for a party as big as New year’s Eve. If Regina King’s 2021 Oscar red carpet look is anything to go by, sequin dresses are evergreen and must feature in every end-of-year collection.

2. Cutout tops with pants 

Cutout tops are all that fashion bloggers can talk about this year. This spring-inspired trend has become very popular through social media and is a top choice for outfits for New Year’s Eve.  Skirts and pants with cutout tops will be favored this year because they are easy to manage and chic.

3. Maxi dresses are always elegant

Maxi dresses have gained a lot of popularity since celebrities have carried them off quite exquisitely at award shows and parties. These dresses are preferred outfits for New Year’s Eve because they are a balance of comfort and glamor. They are generally paired with a fitted blazer and high heels. 

4. Velvet jumpsuits

For a party night, one can’t go wrong with a velvet jumpsuit. This outfit is especially popular among millennials for parties and events. H&M has launched a stunning lace-trimmed V-neck jumper, which would be the perfect wardrobe choice for New Year’s Eve. Jumpsuits have been in fashion for decades, so it is never a bad choice to add them to your New Year’s Eve collection. 

5. Satin jacket dresses

A satin jacket dress is an elegant choice to add to your outfits for New Year’s Eve.  It has a wrap over the front, which makes it look very smart and chic when paired with high heels and the right accessories. Satin clothes are all the rage in 2021, so this one is going to be a bestseller. 

6. Feathered jackets and trousers 

This may be a quirky option to add to your outfits for New Year’s Eve, especially as a lot of high fashion brands are bringing faux feathered clothes back into the market. A chic feathered jacket with some corduroy trousers is a great combination for a New Year’s collection. 

7. Ruffled tops are fun

TikTok influencers have popularized this outfit a lot this year. A ruffled top and plain pants are comfortable, casual and chic. Given that people look for comfort at parties because of all the dancing and mingling, you can’t go wrong with ruffled tops as a preferred choice of outfits for New Year’s Eve.

8. Netted puffed sleeve dresses are in

Puffed sleeves have made a dramatic comeback. Popular during the Victorian era, this fashion statement is now everywhere, from long gowns to trendy tops, and even saree blouses. Puffed sleeves are all the rage, and it’s hard to go wrong with net and lace. These are must-have outfits for New Year’s Eve collections. 

9. Blazers and blazer dresses

This one is a classic that can transform any party outfit. It is a comfortable option and doesn’t let one get too cold. People prefer blazers for parties because they can always be topped with boots and some glamorous accessories, to stand out from the rest. Apart from blazers, blazer dresses have also gained popularity in recent times. They are chic and easy to carry off, so watch out for these two trends in 2021.

10. Leather jacket with shimmery pants 

Shimmery pants paired with a solid leather jacket are fashion staples and must-have outfits for New Year’s Eve. The Kardashians have popularised sparkly pants, so it’s a great addition to a year-end collection.


If you are looking to create some of the above statement pieces for your end-of-year outfits for New Year’s Eve, get in touch with Fashinza. We work with suppliers to deliver top-class manufacturing to fashion brands and designers. You can stay up-to-date with the entire production process through our innovative online platform, from design to delivery. Get in touch with us today.

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