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10 Fashion Designers To Watch Out For

The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic fields out there. Trends change with changing times. It may be true that trends often tend to repeat, but modifying the trends into something more intriguing and adaptive according to current times makes a fashion designer good. New fashion designers are constantly emerging and proposing their fresh, immaculate, yet bold ideas to the world. It is high time to recognize the talent and give them a chance to express themselves. Fashinza brings you a well-curated list of fashion designers that have the potential to change the course of the fashion industry.

10 fashion designers to look out for

1. Kenneth Ize

An amazing designer who carved his path himself, Kenneth Ize believes in bold patterns and colorful aesthetics that go well with his designs. His label, Kenneth Ize, was founded in 2013 and focuses on making the world aware of Nigerian art, craft, and culture. The production of his fabrics is often done through traditional West African methods and he aims at presenting history and culture through a modern framework.

2. Tyrell Harriott

Founded by Tyrell Harriott in 2017, the label Tyrell aims to explore the ideas of architecture and sensualism and to translate them into clothes. Designer Harriott envisions designing as a medium to empower women. Tyrell also acknowledges his responsibility towards the environment, thereby encouraging sustainable activities. 

3. Thebe Magugu

Fashion Designers To Watch Out For

A famous fashion designer, Thebe Magugu founded his label, Thebe Magugu, in 2016. Magugu has a reputation for storytelling through his work and his label aims at designing clothes that are sleek, detailed, and smart. He acknowledged that his stance in the designing industry has a lot to do with the environment he grew up in. It can be traced back to his family’s appreciation and open-heartedness for fashion and clothes. Magugu aims at representing Africa across the globe. 

4. Edvin Thompson

This Jamaican designer believes in expression through fashion, which reflects in his work. His brand, Theophilio, is heavily influenced by his Jamaican upbringing, and he wishes to inculcate the lessons and experiences that he gathered over time. Designing collections of vibrant colors and neat designs, Edvin aims at including culture in his art for the world to see. 

5. Gaurav Khanijo

Fashion Designers To Watch Out For

A man who believes in the dissemination of fashion while staying in touch with the heritage, Gaurav Khanijo is an India-based designer who started his label, Khanijo, in 2014. Initially aimed at menswear, his designs went through transformation and have now been breaking barriers of gender norms in India by being available for both men and women. His brand pays emphasis on the fabric, and his designs can serve the purpose of both casual and formal moments. 

6. Georgios Trochopoulos

A designer who believes in the expression of liberation and freedom through sexiness, Georgios Trochopoulos designs clothes that aim at making people feel confident and sexy. His brand, Georgios Trochopoulos, was launched in 2021. The artist can be seen experimenting with the idea of sensuality through his designs. The intriguing patterns, asymmetry, and bold cuts can reflect his notions, thereby adding authenticity to his work. 

7. Sergio Castaño Peña

An emerging Spanish designer, Sergio Castaño Peñ’s design was particularly highlighted as Iggy Azalea’s errand outfit. While experimenting with designs and patterns, Sergio’s exhibits futuristic and technological themes that often seem straight out of an anime, video game, or movie. Inculcating these bold and interesting looks in each design, Sergio continues to explore various themes that give his clothes an artistic look.

8. Cynthia Merhej

Fashion Designers To Watch Out For

Having grown up in an atelier household, Cynthia’s love for designing clothes traces back to her childhood. Her brand Renaissance Renaissance focuses on offering fashion and style that is comfortable, clean, and sustainable. She is also the first Arab woman to be nominated for the LVMH Prize. The familiarity with designs, patterns, and skills that Cynthia gained over time by being nurtured in a fashion-oriented environment is reflected in her work. 

9. Steven Stokey-Daley

The world was taken aback by the gorgeous and flowery looks of Harry Styles in the video ‘Golden.’ When talking about emerging talents in the fashion industry, it will be unfair to leave Steven Stokey-Daley out of the conversation. With designs that break the conventional association of gender with dressing, this famous fashion designer might end up becoming our favorite queer0friendly designer. Furthermore, the comfort and warmth exhibited by his loose-fitted clothes and floral designs cannot be ignored.

10. Nensi Dojaka

Winner of the 2021 LVMH Prize, Nensi Dojaka is a famous fashion designer whose clothes are feminine and empowering. Her love for experimenting with asymmetry, shapes, and sheer fabrics can be seen in her work. She launched her label Nensi Dojaka in 2017. Her design pieces are often monochromatic and can be characterized by the distinctive hide and reveal attribute that adds to the excitement and intrigue of empowering women’s wear. 

Despite the difference in styles, a common goal for all the designers is promoting sustainability. Therefore the consumers must also be aware of their responsibilities towards the earth and try to opt for methods that are sustainable.

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