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10 Best Outfits of All Time from Milan Fashion Week

The Saga of the Milan Fashion Week

       Whether you’re a person belonging to the fashion industry or not, there are very low chances of not hearing about the greatest Milan Fashion Week. However, there is no harm if you don’t know much about it. Keep reading to discover a world of glamour and sizzle. The Milan Fashion Week was established in 1958. It is a part of the four global fashion weeks, preceded by the New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and succeeded by the Paris Fashion Week.

       Some of the biggest brands that take part in the Milan Fashion Week include Gucci, Pucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Fendi, and Prada being among others.

Ten All-time Best Outfits from the Milan Fashion Week

1. Versace, Spring of 2010

A long white dress with cuts and slits at all the right places to show enough leg and curves. How much for guessing? Versace, the name is enough! The white slim-fit dress is an off-shoulder one with sharp grey and blue pyramid designs on one side and a slit long enough to ooze oomph!

2. Emilio Pucci, Fall of 2011

Going beyond the ideas of femininity and masculinity in fashion wear, Pucci showcased one of the most sizzling outfits in the Fall of 2011. An ochre yellow see-through blouse with puffed long sleeves tucked into tailored greyish-black trousers. It surely broke down all stereotypes of “Dress like a woman.” Fashion served hot in Italian style, Pucci set the Milan Fashion runway on fire with this creation in 2011. A perfect outfit for women to make them feel more confident and liberated.

3. Alessandro Sartori, Spring-Summer of 2012

Best Outfits of All Time from Milan Fashion Week

No one likes Monday blues, but it’s hard not to drool over the “Blue” collection of Sartori that was showcased in 2012. The play with the array of colors— navy blue, indigo blue, sky blue, and royal blue—was mesmerizing to watch in the men’s clothing collections. One outfit that stood out was a casual yet formal cotton suit cut into a jacket shape with slim-fit trousers, all in heavenly shades of blue! Even the shoes were in blue.

4. Giorgio Armani, Fall of 2013

Who hasn’t dreamt of an Armani? The Milan Fashion Week wouldn’t be complete without Armani creating wonders on the runway! Armani created a complete mood when the model walked in a royal blue jumpsuit with shiny blue flatback crystals. The deep neck stole the show. Armani revolutionized the definition of luxury fashion wear and showed the world that high-end brands could also produce comfortable and fashionable clothing.

5. Giorgio Armani, Fall of 2014

One cannot mention Armani just once with so many marvelous creations lines up. The world just cannot get enough of his clothes! He absolutely followed the mantra, “When in doubt, wear black.” An all-black outfit that runs till the knees in the form of a long coat with ankle-length pants was the outfit that turned many heads that year. The pants had white stripes on the sides, which added to the beauty of the outfit.

6. Dolce and Gabbana, Spring of 2015

Best Outfits of All Time from Milan Fashion Week

We are thankful that this duo happened because that is why we get to see such iconic dresses! One of the most fascinating clothing items that Dolce and Gabbana showcased in the Milan Fashion Week was the royal all-white mini dress embellished with rich jewels in the colors red, black, and yellow! A simple yet opulent dress that was a showstopper that year in Milan is every girl’s dream!

7. Ermanno Scervino, Spring of 2016

Some of our dreams are made of laces. The 2016 Milan Fashion Week saw a beautiful white lace dress from the house of Ermanno Scervino. The white lace dress was characterized by laces and designs and transparent areas with an attached white jacket which further accentuated the beauty of the attire. The white feather sandal was a perfect match with the dress!

8. Miuccia Prada, Men’s Fall/Winter of 2017

Why should girls have all the fun? Prada has always been creating out of the box outfits. In her men’s collection, she used some earthy tones and pastel shades for her knitwear. The colorful geometric patterns, a neutral-colored furry belt, and beige trousers would make any man stand out in a group!

9. Fendi, Fall of 2018

You can spot a Fendi from far just by looking at that iconic “F.” Fendi shook the runway with its brown and black coat and skirt with high brown boots. The model carried a Fendi bag, and it was the perfect accessory with the outfit!

10. Versace, Fall of 2019

Best Outfits of All Time from Milan Fashion Week

We’ve come to the end of the fashion log, and what’s better than to close with a dose of Versace? Versace showed that nothing is more royal than a tiger. The tiger print furry coat with a red and black skirt and similar toned shoes became the talk of the Milan Fashion Week in 2019.

       Those were the ten best outfits of all time from the Milan Fashion Week. I am sure you have some of your personal favorites, too, from the 2021 Milan Fashion Week, which was held virtually!

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