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Clothing & Decor Manufacturing

End to End Info for Home Decor and Garment Manufacturing

Clothing Manufacturer Usa
Finding the Best Clothing Manufacturer in the USA, China, & Bangladesh Based on Costs and Competitive Advantages
Garment production is a grand process, and it corresponds to bulk orders. If you are looking to start up your own small clothing line business or extend your clothing line as a designer, then you need to hunt for an affordable and good-quality cloth manufacturer.  The most popular Asian countries for clothing manufacturers are China…
Garment Manufacturing
10 Proven Solutions To Reduce Garment Manufacturing Cost For Your Brand! Savings Guaranteed!
Many people are trying their luck in small-scale garment manufacturing businesses. The branding of it is dependable on product quality and customer satisfaction. The production process comes up with different complications, and the cost is one of them. It’s true that without money, you can't imagine the production process, but by exercising some of your…
Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer
List of Top 25 Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturers from Different Parts of the World
Non-woven fabric manufacturing is among the latest technologies used nowadays in textiles. These play a significant role in the textile business. There are short and long fibers that are bonded together by chemical methods. These methods include treating the fabric with chemicals, mechanical processes, heat or solvent. Gradually, they have become a replacement for polyurethane…
Fabric Manufacturers
Discover 20+ fabric Manufacturers Who Ship Globally: Address & Contact Details
Looking for fabric manufacturers who ship globally to expand your business and implement a uniform process? Whether you need the list to build a seamless supply chain or to eliminate potential challenges and issues, this article will provide you with the details of the best fabric manufacturers with global shipping. Why Do You Need Fabric…
H&M Manufacturers
How Can I Source Clothes From H&M Manufacturers?
Clothing manufacturers have always been high in demand. However, the main question is who exactly are they? To put it simply, a clothing manufacturer is someone who creates finished clothes from raw materials. Manufacturing clothes is not a simple process. In fact, it’s a process that involves various steps. There is a multitude of clothing…
Shein Manufacturers Fashion Label
How to Get in Touch with Shein Manufacturers to Produce Your Own Label?
If you didn’t know, fast fashion is a highly profitable business model in which experts try to replicate current runway fashion trends and replace their collections as soon as a new trend arises. Fast fashion is all about mass-producing clothing at a relatively low cost.  Shein is a Chinese online fast-fashion retailer that has grown…
Pros and Cons Of Manufacturing in India, Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam: A Comparative Study
India, Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam are the most popular garment manufacturers and exporters in the world, associated with at least 61 percent of the global apparel imports. However, China has been losing their competitive advantages in recent years despite having 40 percent hold on the global supply market. Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India have emerged as…

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Garment Manufacturing

Was ‘clothing manufacturer near me’ the last thing you searched for on Google? Congrats, you’ve reached the end of your search! Fashinza can help you with every aspect of garment manufacturing from designing to production to delivery. We offer the shortest lead time in the industry (21 to 45 days)! Once you pair with Fashinza, sourcing your products will be as smooth as ordering a product on amazon!

Fashinza has a network of 1000+ global clothing manufacturers and brands like Forever 21, Landmark Group, Spencer’s, and Namshi blindly trust us to streamline their sourcing. Our manufacturing base is spread across India, Bangladesh, China, Turkey and Vietnam, and so far, we have served 500+ brands globally!

Fashinza takes care of end-to-end production management to make garment manufacturing less of a burden onourcing managers. We offer an exciting assortment of fabrics and bestselling designs to choose from. We cater to all customization demands of the fashion brands, and are equipped to satisfy have a strong network of sustainable clothing suppliers as well. The best part of partnering with Fashinza is that our AI-driven platform and tech-driven practices offer 100% transparency, so you’ll be able to monitor production on a daily basis without leaving your office!

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Manufacturing Simplified

Receive expert tips to grow your fashion brand!

Manufacturing Simplified