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Clothing & Decor Manufacturing

End to End Info for Home Decor and Garment Manufacturing

Organic Cotton
Comparing Suppliers of Organic Cotton Kurti Manufacturers in India
Summary: Organic cotton is ideal for sensitive skin, which is making it one of the most preferred fabrics for summer clothing. It’s also a more sustainable option. Brands can make a foray into the organic market with garments sourced from these renowned cotton kurti manufacturers from India  Cotton, the fabric of life, is used extensively…
Cotton Shirt
The World’s Top Cotton Shirt Manufacturers
Summary: Explore the top cotton shirt manufacturers for the highest quality and craftsmanship. From classic to trendy designs, these manufacturers offer a wide range of options made from 100% cotton known for durability, comfort, and easy care. Wholesale and custom orders are available. Give your customers the best with these top manufacturers. The cotton shirt…
Cotton Bedsheet Manufacturers
The Benefits of 100% Cotton Bedsheet Manufacturers
Summary: Even during the pandemic, cotton bedsheet manufacturers enjoyed a good share of the online market with many retailers moving their business to the eCommerce portals. Cotton bedsheet manufacturing can be a highly profitable business and yield good results in the long term because it is made from natural fabric which is globally preferred for…
Cotton Towel Manufacturer
What to Look for in a Cotton Towel Manufacturer
Summary: When searching for a cotton towel manufacturer, brands should consider several key factors. The ideal way is to opt for a manufacturer with strict quality control measures, high-quality products, customizable options, a good reputation, and positive customer reviews. When it comes to sourcing cotton towels for your business, it is essential to consider the…
Wholesale Clothing Vendors
Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors in the USA
Summary: Looking for the best wholesale clothing vendors in the US? Your search ends here! Our specially curated list features top-rated suppliers that offer a wide range of fashionable and high-quality clothing items at competitive prices. Trust these companies to provide your business with the best options in wholesale fashion trends. Fast fashion and designer…
Kids' Clothes
Where Can I Find Vendors for Bulk-Ordering Kids’ Clothes?
Summary: As a fashion brand, starting in kids’ clothing can be daunting. It is a specialized genre and requires a different business model than the one for adult clothing. Selecting a supplier for wholesale cloth procurement and dress manufacturing is one of the key decisions that can make or break your brand.  Parents dote over…
2000s-style clothes
20 Of The Most Insane Style Clothes Of The Early 2000s
Summary: Early 2000 was the year of Y2K perfection, denim capris, casual tank tops, and noughties scarf tops. The new-internet era served us with some of the most memorable and insane-looking outfits, which are now making their way into Gen Z wardrobes.  However, a few 2000s fashion styles are funny, outrageous, and a little cringe-worthy…
Clothing Dresses
These 2000s Clothing Dresses Are Making a Comeback in 2023
Summary: The 2000s dresses and iconic fashion trends have made their way in recent years. These include sequin dresses, slip skirts, scarf tops, and more. Fashion labels and suppliers have embraced these nostalgia-driven trends and are customizing them for Gen Z and Millennial customers.  The 2000s was a fun and exciting decade for clothing and…
plus-size clothing
Curvalicious Travel Clothes
Summary: When it comes to plus-size travel clothes, women find the market woefully short of their expectations. Brands have shied away from having a full-blown ensemble for curvy women for various reasons. But this trend could be changing with a few brands such as Reformation, Nike, and Good American entering the fray with fresh collections that…
Modern Advance Technologies
10 Modern Advance Technologies Impacting Manufacturers
Summary: The fashion industry is witnessing a spike in new technological developments to make business dealings a whole lot smoother. Here are some of the major modern advanced technologies that are impacting the manufacturing industry. The fashion industry is ever evolving considering the number of trends that go in and out of vogue each season.…
manufacturing apparel products
How to calculate the cost of manufacturing apparel products?
Introduction Cost plays an important role in any business as it helps the merchandiser decide on two main factors. Firstly, pricing of the product, and secondly, acceptance of the order for the product. To understand the detailed costing of apparel one must thoroughly study all the activities indulged in the process of manufacturing apparel products. …
How To Calculate Garment Cost Using Available Information?
The garment cost includes the costs of raw materials and charges of different services used to manufacture and relay the product to the consumers. Calculating the garment cost is essential for a retailer as it helps them estimate their profits and plan the budget for future releases. Therefore, every clothing manufacturer needs to know how…
Size Wise Cut
How to Determine the Size Wise Cut Quantity in an Order Using the Size Ratio?
Any item of clothing that we wear will have a corresponding size number. Clothes stores supply their racks with items based on the industry standard for sizing. A consumer shops for clothes in the size that works best for their body. This blog will discuss the clothing size ratio and how to calculate size-wise cut…
cost of making
How To Calculate Product CM at The Time of Order Booking?
The fashion industry has become more competitive than ever, and many garment manufacturers are finding it hard to make a decent profit. So to stay ahead of the competition, garment manufacturers need to have an efficient manufacturing process. However, to do this, they need to have a clear idea of the cost involved in the…
Which Countries Have The Best Clothing Manufacturers? (Industry Research)
Manufacturers and factories in the apparel industry are spread all over the world. A clothing manufacturer's location is a key consideration for a designer. Multiple challenges can arise in terms of logistics as well as sourcing the right products at the right price. In this article, we have put together a list of countries with the best…
Clothing Manufacturer
How to Find New Customers and Retain Them as a Clothing Manufacturer
Every clothing manufacturer encounters the common difficulty of finding new customers. Also, it can be difficult to keep hold of present customers. While most apparel companies struggle to find new customers, their current customers may have different requirements, order less, or demand a lower quote. Competition and extremely high prices only exacerbate the manufacturer's situation. …
Clothing Manufacturers
The Ultimate Guide to Clothing Manufacturers and Their Types
  The realm of clothing manufacturing is vast and enormous. Clothing manufacturers provide several services, including transforming raw materials, such as fabric, into garments with precise styling and fitting. For a new apparel business, it is essential to : Get familiar with the supply chain Understand what clothing manufacturing is Learn about different types of…

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Was ‘clothing manufacturer near me’ the last thing you searched for on Google? Congrats, you’ve reached the end of your search! Fashinza can help you with every aspect of garment manufacturing from designing to production to delivery. We offer the shortest lead time in the industry (21 to 45 days)! Once you pair with Fashinza, sourcing your products will be as smooth as ordering a product on amazon!

Fashinza has a network of 1000+ global clothing manufacturers and brands like Forever 21, Landmark Group, Spencer’s, and Namshi blindly trust us to streamline their sourcing. Our manufacturing base is spread across India, Bangladesh, China, Turkey and Vietnam, and so far, we have served 500+ brands globally!

Fashinza takes care of end-to-end production management to make garment manufacturing less of a burden onourcing managers. We offer an exciting assortment of fabrics and bestselling designs to choose from. We cater to all customization demands of the fashion brands, and are equipped to satisfy have a strong network of sustainable clothing suppliers as well. The best part of partnering with Fashinza is that our AI-driven platform and tech-driven practices offer 100% transparency, so you’ll be able to monitor production on a daily basis without leaving your office!

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