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An Overview of Vogue September 2020 Edition

One of the most iconic fashion and lifestyle magazines of all time, Vogue has witnessed several landmark events in history. Its covers have often reflected society and the times we live in. Controversial, perceptive, offensive, artistic – these are just a few terms that one can use to describe Vogue cover pages down the years. 

The September issue is crucial for every fashion magazine as it marks the onset of fall, which calls for a complete wardrobe change. The ongoing pandemic has prompted editors to get creative with every edition of the magazine, as consumers spend less time outdoors and more time in the confines of their home. Their fashion and lifestyle choices have changed quite dramatically since the start of the pandemic. 

Vogue Sept 2020  captured this emotion and exceeded expectations. All 26 International Vogue Editions united for ‘Hope’ and collaborated with some of the most popular people in the fashion, film and music industry. Some of the international editions also joined hands with activists to depict the future of the planet. Below, we zoom into the Indian edition of Vogue Sept 2020.

India’s Vogue Sept 2020 Cover

Vogue September 2020 Edition

Singer and songwriter Norah Jones was featured in the Vogue Sept 2020 India edition. The cover shows her reflectively gazing out of a blue-tinged and partly-obscure window. The photographer, Kat Irlin, channeled the power of photography and artistry to depict Jones’ lifestyle. Norah Jones has evidently retreated from public scrutiny. Hence, Irlin shot her retreating from the camera to depict this. The photograph is artistic, unique, and embraces exclusion, which makes it a perfect choice for the cover picture of Vogue Sept 2020.

Vogue Sept 2020 Overview

Editor’s Letter

The Editor’s letter spreads across pages to follow and throws light on why Norah Jones was the choice for Vogue Sept 2020. It says that Norah Jones’ lyrics and lineage are why she is a bridge between eastern and western cultures. The Covid pandemic has made it imperative for the beauty and fashion industry to make certain adjustments to stay relevant. The first half of the Vogue Sept 2020 issue explained these changes. It included new ways to shop, dress, live and support the industry.


The wellness feature follows this narrative of change. It draws attention to discussions with Andy Puddicombe, the Founder of Headspace. Puddicombe talked about his personal pain that motivated him to dedicate his entire life to the purpose of introducing meditation to the Western world. Puddicombe has also  shared his musings that encourage readers to think and keep hoping that the brightest days are yet to come. He advised people to let go of all expectations and view meditation as a self-care activity.

Fashion Industry

Vogue sets the standard of fashion worldwide. The issue cannot be complete without talking about fashion. From page 122, the Vogue Sept 2020 edition contemplates the fashion industry and features 15 fashion expert views. The article discusses the fashion industry’s current scenario, including ethical demands, sustainability methods, versatility in bridal collections, and the role of technology in the industry. The section included several collages from contemporary clothing trends that ranged from traditional to expensive avant-garde outfits. The Vogue Sept 2020 edition featured ten pages that paid homage to creative champions and artists of this ever-evolving industry.


The Culture section of the Vogue Sept 2020 revolved around women empowerment and introduced “The New Order” of women in STEM who are COVID frontline workers. Dr. Pooja Rao, the co-founder of, was featured in the article. uses complicated algorithms to analyze medical images like X-rays and diagnose patients. The article also mentions Dr. Priya Abraham among the seven honorary features. The article discussed Dr. Abraham’s sheer willpower to dedicate her life to a healthy world and spend over 11 hours a day in Pune’s Institute of Virology. Her dedication and motivation remained the focus of the story.

Motherhood and Its Struggles

Subhangi Swarup writes about her relationship with motherhood and talks about postpartum depression in “After Birth” (page 155). Her exploration of motherhood as a relationship instead of a destination checklist depicts the transformation of modern ideas. The honest introspection lets readers in similar situations know that they are not alone in this fight.


The Indian edition of Vogue Sept 2020 is a massive contribution to the theme of ‘Hope’ and has been a hit among fashion enthusiasts. The edition focuses on cultural pride, India’s legacy in fashion and evolving societal structures. Each page is a sincere contribution and resonates with a desire for a better future.

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