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A Guide to Outdoor Fall Fashion

It’s never too early to talk about autumn trends, especially when we all love the transition to the sweater weather. Fall calls for pumpkin spiced lattes, our favorite jumpers, and soaking in the golden afternoons. While the month of fashion has bowed out, it has sparked an excitement for all things fashion. The grand spectacle of the elusive fashion week has left us all excited for the trends this season. It’s that time of the year again, where you clean out your old collection, making room for new winter designs. The shift in season is a great opportunity for many to take their fashion game up a notch and strut down the sidewalk in style. And to help you get there, we bring you a complete guide to the fall winter 2021 trends of the season. Make sure you get a full lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not this season.

A Guide to Outdoor Fall Fashion

1. The oversized shacket

An epitome of style and comfort, a shacket is all one needs to pull on for when that nip in the air gets sharper. This soft, fleecy, warm covering is trending this fall in solids and prints. The reimagined color and cut elevates the collection staple to a chic option for your autumn needs.

2. Tailored designs

Blazers have enjoyed the perks of being an autumn collection staple for the longest time ever. But the fall 2021 fashion trends saw a major surge in tailoring pieces. Tailoring kicks up blazers by several notches with clean, strong structured design trends for men and women alike. Blazers, vests, and pants are all about keeping you looking sharp from head to toe. The more flouncy sweater tops have made way for poplin shirts under your blazers.

3. Knitted polos

These received a major nod of approval this fall with their return on the runway with full force. The knitted polo shirt is a wonderful style option that is slowly making its way into being a fall collection staple. It will give you the elements of a classic shirt while it lends itself to superior comfort in softer fabrics. Clear some space for the killer piece of the season, and let your designs do all the talking this fall.

4. Geometric prints

A Guide to Outdoor Fall Fashion

With the fall winter 2021 fashion trends, the key to rocking any trend is to lean into it with unchecked ferocity. Go creative with your outfit idea as you pick a unique and bold print this season. This 2021 the retro prints have managed to work up their way to dominate almost everything from shirts to skirts to sweaters. Spruce up your collection by switching out a basic colored garment with a piece in a geometric print.

5. Sweater vests

Sweater vests have proved that they are here to stay with their return yet again this season. The buzz around them has been stable enough to keep the vests trending this fall too. The sweater vests this season sport colors and patterns that pop and have alone managed to tick the box on both style and comfort. Whether it’s an oversized vest or a cropped and fitted one, the layering is as easy as can be. Slipping it over an oversized shirt or a structured Oxford button-up can give your outfit a major fashion upgrade.

6. The new Wellington boots

We are completely on board with the Wellington boot trend that received a fashion upgrade this fall. These boots are a trip down memory lane with their resemblance to the old classics while they receive a revamped look in chic and narrower silhouettes. To nail the runway look for fall 2021, choose a sleek lower silhouette and go oversized on the top for drama.

7. The pleated mini skirt

A Guide to Outdoor Fall Fashion

It seems like the fashion world has pledged an oath of loyalty to this preppy fashion trend. The pleated mini skirt is back yet again, and how. This fall, it’s all about going crazy while keeping to proportions. Style your skirt with a chunky upper or a ruched top under an oversized jacket to complete your look. Dive in headfirst into fall 2021 fashion trends that can give your collection the upgrade it deserves.

8. The reimagined leather jacket

Leather jackets never fell out of our collective imagination, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve that little extra verve that a fashion upgrade can bring on. This trend sees a solid variety with elongated waists, poofy sleeves, and unique silhouettes. Spark your crazy with these bomb pieces this fall.

9. Matching sets

This trend is easily a designer favorite and is here to dominate the fall winter 2021 fashion trends. The matching set has been a hot fashion choice throughout the years, and we are not ready to give it up just yet. Mix up an outfit by throwing in an accessory or a third piece of clothing to complement the full look.

10. Saturated colors

Break the mold of dark colors and neutrals this season as bright hues take center stage. These colors scream lively in a season that is more subdued and lift autumn to a peppy and fresh vibe. Don’t let go of your summertime brightness yet and get your hands on some vibrant sweaters that rule the fall 2021 fashion trends


Fall winter 2021 fashion trends have become all about making it work best for you. The trends of the season have you covered for hitting that weekend getaway in style, but they work just as well for nailing that conference look. Whatever you need might be, this guide on Fashinza has got you covered to put your most fashionable foot forward this fall.

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