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5 Luxurious Brands shaping the Denim industry

Denim has become the staple choice for a casual wardrobe in the past couple of decades. Its soaring demand is unparalleled due to its rich history and comfort. Denim wasn’t as widely worn as it is today until the ’80s. But its durability and style captured the fascination of the crowd and became eternally integrated in their wardrobes. 

The denim fabric and denim industry has gone through various phases down history. Modern denim has acquired a new look and quality, being thinner and unfortunately less durable. The general perception is that the quality is slightly compromised in favor of the style. However, that hasn’t affected the demand for denim jeans at all. When people are so interested in investing in denim, why not make it worth their money? 

Some brands have taken upon themselves the responsibility to make the pair of jeans last longer. These denim jeans may cost you little more than the fast fashion counterparts, but the sustainability and durability will eventually make it cost-effective.

Here are 5 luxury brands shaping the denim industry :


Often known as the ultimate brand of denim jeans, Levi’s is the inventor of blue jeans. As the oldest of America’s denim company Levi’s has always stood by the uncompromising quality of jeans. Denim became popular in America during the Gold Rush of 1853. It was at the same time Levi Strauss took the opportunity to address the workmen’s requirement of strong and sturdy clothes. Today it has grown out of its association with the workmen and became a popular fashion choice. Levi’s continues to dedicate itself to the same quality of denim, which makes it the greatest denim brand.


Wrangler was founded in 1904 and has been a genuine source of everyday performance of denim brands. They are committed to innovating and improving without compromising the quality of the products. Wrangler produces the coolest denim wears which are brilliantly fit and stylish. They have also launched a range of denim collections to address and improve everyday functionality – Tough Gear, Sun Shield, Cool Vantage, Anti-Bacteria, and Water Repellent.


Diesel jeans are one of the most expensive and luxurious in the world. They have a vast assortment of jeans and accessories. They are heavily committed to quality. They are known for their brilliant style and fitness, several shades, and much comfort. Diesel has a children’s collection as well, called Diesel Kid. They make extensive campaigns that have helped them fetch international fame.


Lee jeans are made to last. They produce premium quality jeans without ever compromising with their heritage. Quality, innovation, and durability are signature styles of Lee jeans. Henry David Lee, the founder, saw the necessity for reliable workwear. He started with his venture to produce better workwear and became one of the most successful garment companies in the world. Today Lee is known for its contemporary and trendy fashion.

denim brands

Tommy Hilfiger

Founded in 1985, the brand manufactures and sells jeans and other apparel and accessories. Tommy Hilfiger is internationally recognized for its classic American style. The brand produces premium quality jeans, worth the value that the consumers are willing to pay for their durability. Through many innovations, Tommy Hilfiger took many initiatives to preserve sustainability. The brand is much inspired by the Americana heritage and its iconic pop culture. 

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