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10 Trending Street Styles in Paris for 2021-2022 Collections

When it comes to fashion, it is a great idea to be inspired by the best. And what can be better than Paris Fashion Week to know what is happening in the world of high fashion! All of us, like designers across the world, make sure to follow every minute detail of the semi-annual event. After all, we need to be aware of the upcoming trends in our industry.

Street Style – A Whole New Take on Fashion

Haute-couture fashion is not the only attraction of the Paris Fashion Week. The Street Style in Paris has far more takers. It is common knowledge that the clothes worn by the models on the runway are what aspirations look like. But the actual connection for customers comes from the streets. The Street Style in Paris and other cities of the world that host Fashion Weeks is a huge hit with customers.

Whether it’s a youngster looking up to their role model or an upcoming fashion designer during these glamourous events, streets are where the inspiration comes from. The allure of this style lies in the flexibility to put an individual’s stamp on every single piece. This is why street style in Paris is so popular. Everyone can pick up a trend and own it completely by putting on their own take.

Street Style Inspiration from Paris 2021-2022 Collections

With a world struggling to recover from a global pandemic, every aspect of life has been readjusted in the past 1.5 years. So have the Fashion Weeks. While online events of last year continued this year as well, in-person shows were back. And so was the Street Style in Paris! Here are 10 trends from Paris 2021-2022 collections that we can take inspiration from!

1.   Colors – Coming out of a global pandemic, the street style in Paris was a primer on how we can look to a brighter future. Pops of bright colors were everywhere – from cherry-red tops to brightly colored accessories, all were part of the street style for the who’s who of the fashion world. And that can certainly be played with, in our own collections.

Trending Street Styles in Paris for 2021-2022 Collections

 2.   Accessories – The accessories at Paris Fashion Week, be it during the shows or on the streets, were a statement in themselves. And this is music to the ears of every designer. There is so much we can do with accessories!

 3.   Mismatched Sets – Underlining the importance of individuality in expression, the street style in Paris saw some great outfits this season. From matching colors with different prints to pairing designs from different designers, there were some great ideas for us to pick up.

 4.   Plaid – This was the most notable trend in the streets of Paris. Be it muted pastels or summery bright ones, plaid has been reigning the street style in Paris. From mini-skirts, pantsuits to blazers, plaids are certainly in this season. The versatility of this style is a great asset for us to work with!

 5.   Animal Prints – If it is the street style in Paris, it has to have some bold statements. And this year, the animal prints made all the statements. From leopard print dresses, shirts, and trousers to zebra mesh jackets, the streets of Paris have been buzzing with animal prints. We can certainly take the style forward by extending the prints to accessories as well.

 6.   Fringe – Another noticeable trend from the Street style in Paris this year has been the fringe. From the in-your-face long fringes to the barely-there and almost negligible ones, the fringe has been the preferred choice. We can get so many ideas of playing with the fringe simply by observing the streets of Paris.

 7.   Leather Tops / Jackets – The days have been busy, but it’s the evenings when the street style of Paris opens up its real glamour. And the leather tops and jackets to keep warm during these chilly nights have been a hit with almost everyone. The leather jackets are here to stay, and we are not complaining!

Trending Street Styles in Paris for 2021-2022 Collections

 8.   Double Denim – This was a nod to the comfort we have all craved in the past year. From lounging at home to limited social outings, comfort has become an important part of the design world. The double denim has been all over the streets of Paris with an emphasis on comfort.

 9.   Ankle Boots – For the comfort of running around in the streets between events, the street style in Paris this year favored ankle boots. Whether it was womenswear or menswear, ankle boots were everywhere. And that is some amazing inspiration for us right there! We can create so many looks by teaming these boots with different dresses. 10.   Menswear Inspired Looks – The one style that stood out in the streets of Paris during the 2021-22 events is the menswear-inspired look. Not restricted to the pants but used in extremely creative ways, the menswear-inspired looks from the Street Style in Paris are surely going to be the trend in the coming season.

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