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The Fabric Encyclopedia You Were Looking For!

Guide To Deadstock Fabrics: Advantages and Shortcomings
Deadstock fabrics are usually leftover fabrics or materials of mills, designers, and fashion brands. They are no longer used and occupy unnecessary space in the warehouse. Deadstock fabrics can be accumulated due to the discontinuation of a product line, damaged or low-quality materials, or purchase of materials in bulk.  Usually, companies return these excess materials…
Free Fabric Samples
How to Get Free Fabric Samples from Fashinza Manufacturers?
Have you ever struggled with finding the best fabrics for your project? It may be for designing a new collection or revamping your old collection. Here’s the apogee, starting with fabric samples from different manufacturers. Fabric samples equip you with the best designs inspired by the latest trends. What better way than getting free fabric…
Mercerized Cotton
Everything You Need To Know About Cotton Yarn Mercerization Procedure
In the wet processing technology, after bleaching and scouring processes, mercerization, a finishing treatment, occurs. By mercerizing the cotton yarn, its physical properties are modified to add unique properties. Mercerized cotton yarn has improved luster, strength and also has more affinity towards dye. What is Mercerization? Mercerization is a finishing treatment where the cotton yarn…
Microfiber Fabric
5 Characteristics Of Knitted Microfiber Fabric
The fashion industry is an amalgamation of various styles, colors, and fabric types. With the increasing demand for comfortable clothing and a stylish look, the modern fabric-making sector has evolved a lot over the years. With practically hundreds of types of fibers to choose from and various apparel options to manufacture, clothing manufacturers and fashion…

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Fabric wholesale

Fabric can make or break your brand’s name. A good quality fabric is what you need for any fashion choice you make for your brand. The quality of fabric you use depends on the manufacturer you choose. Finding an authentic fabric source can be difficult, especially if you are looking for premium quality. But what you need, of all, is a source that can provide you with what you want. Fashinza is the company that can cater to all kinds of demands fabric wholesale needs.

If you are looking for fabric wholesalers, Fashinza is the place for you. We have a mission to provide with the highest quality of fabrics and cater to the specific demands of the brands. Fashion brands are in need of fabrics all the time. We offer a wide range of fabric with varied compositions and prints at Fashinza. Fashinza has in-built connection with leading fabric mills and maintains a lucrative in-house stock of fabrics.

Garment manufacturers can also buy wholesale fabric or bulk fabric stock from Fashinza. The fabric stock we have includes traditional to trendy, you can choose from the wide array of the stock. We can send sample fabric swatches immediately and you can have your criteria consulted. We also offer top-notch upholstery fabric and home decor fabric.

We value our commitment to sustainability as well. Hence we also offer sustainable fabrics for Fashion brands. To learn in detail about various types of fabrics follow our blog page aka fabric directory. Contact Fashinza for more information.

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Receive expert tips to grow your fashion brand!

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