Best Marketplaces To Buy Bulk Clothes For Resale Or Retail

Best Marketplaces To Buy Bulk Clothes For Resale Or Retail

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Selling clothes online or offline is a great way to start a business to make a decent amount of money. You can buy clothes in bulk and then resell them on retail websites in your physical store. To start off, you will need to have a robust plan and a passionate desire to make it happen and eventually turn it into a success. 

The first thing you will need is a good hold of fashion perception - an understanding of what people like to wear. You need to be aware of fashion trends. 

Additionally, you will require to have an understanding of basic business concepts and a retail plan that will help you empty out your shelves by the end of your target time period. 

In the following article, we will look at the best places to buy your clothes in bulk and also take a look into the principles of selling them out. We will also talk about making a strong profit margin, sale hacks, and other surface-level marketing techniques. Also, make sure that you compare options among wholesale marketplaces properly before you decide on one. This will help you get the best out of every step, the most important step being, the buying of clothes in bulk. 

Let's start off by answering a few questions about setting up your retail business before we take a look at the marketplaces that will serve as the source for your retail clothing goods. 

How do you earn maximum profits when you buy bulk clothes for resale?

The primary advice to earn maximum profits from resale is to source your bulk products from places that have the lowest wholesale price. You will always be able to sell the clothes at double or even triple the wholesale value. 

Compare good and reliable wholesale markets for quality and pricing to find truly great clothes with a reasonable resale margin. Buying in bulk plays a major role in your final profits and needs to be done with great care. 

Apart from this, make sure that you only buy trending clothing in bulk and not the ones that are out of trend. Since out-of-trend clothes do not sell out quickly, you will not be able to maximise your profits. 

You will need to put them up on sale and employ other tactics to empty your racks so you can fill them up with better goods again. Make sure you stay in touch with the fashion trends and only buy seasonal, trending, and sellable clothes in bulk. 

Additionally, never buy clothes in bulk before you empty your inventory or at least cut it up by 75%. This will help you keep the profits flowing in and cash assets in hand, allowing you to invest in buying bulk clothes accordingly and not ending up with loaded racks and minimum sales. 

Marketplaces to buy clothes in bulk for resale

1. Fashinza

Buy Bulk Clothes\n

A complete solution for your online clothing business, Fashinza is a wholesale online clothing store that has a wide variety of features to boast about. It takes complete responsibility for all the tasks from the designing of the clothing to the delivery. 

Fashinza has a complete catalogue of designs that are customisable to the core to allow you to come up with your own custom-branded line of clothing. With more than 7000 different styles of custom clothing delivered and 500 brands as clients, Fashinza is a rising cloth manufacturer and bulk cloth seller in the online industry. 

They also have amazing customer support and a team of researchers that always update the clothing on their catalog, keep them in trend with fashion, and are excellent when it comes to quality. Fashinza is an excellent option if you are looking for a direct clothing manufacturer that also allows you to customise and design your own line of fashion clothing.

2. Wholesale7 

Wholesale7 is one of the best-known online wholesale markets for people looking to buy clothes in bulk. It boasts of an extensive range of clothing across all criteria, be it for men, women, kids, or fashion from different parts of the world. 

They also have a complete catalogue of clothing as well as various types of accessories including, headgear, footgear, sports gear, etc. They keep their inventory loaded with clothing from multiple brands and up to date with fashion websites. 

Wholesale7 is also one of the best places for trendy women's clothing. You can plan up your entire collection from this single place. Explore wholesale7 for more. 

3. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a Chinese wholesale clothing store online with loyal customers in over 200 countries worldwide. They have some of the most fantastic apparel for very reasonable wholesale prices, the resale value of which is very good as well. 

They possess a wide range of clothing that covers all types of boutiques, men's and women's clothing, accessories, and various other products. They have a robust review system through which you can compare prices and products. They always have very high-quality products for the best wholesale prices in the online market.

Additionally, they have a CB points-based reward system that can earn you discounts and other offers upon each purchase you make. They have a complete team of professionals researching the fashion scene at all times to keep the products up-to-date and in fashion. A truly great choice when it comes to buying clothes in bulk for resale or retail. 

4. Buytome

Buytome is another Chinese online wholesale clothing store that has amazing wholesale prices and a wide range of clothing to choose from. 

Buytome is also a China-based wholesale supplier where you can shop for Chinese clothing at a wholesale price. It is linked to multiple Chinese stores and helps you buy clothes right from the source of their products and suppliers. They have amazing customer service and products of high quality that have successfully earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers across the world for a number of years now. 

The best unique selling point they have is their free warehouse service. You will be able to utilise their warehouse to store your products for up to 6 months for free. The only catch is that these products need to be ordered from their website only. By any means, that's a great deal. They also offer great logistics services to go so you won't have to worry about the products being delivered to your retail clients. 

All of this for a very reasonable price range along with multiple amazing offers on all services mentioned. An amazing option if you're looking to start a clothing business but lack a store to keep your products in. 

5. Sugarlipswholsale

Sugarlipswholsale is another online wholesale market for clothing that caters exceptionally well to fashion trends. They always have the most trending wear upon their top list and provide a detailed description of each of their products compelling buyers to buy them. 

They also offer a complete catalogue of accessories that go well with their clothes. Additionally, they create great fashion combinations out of their wholesale clothes range so you don't have to worry about creating combos to sell your goods faster and set in for the next wave of bulk clothing. An amazing option for those looking out to create a retail store catering to aesthetic fashion lovers. Sugarlipswholsale is something that needs to be on your list when going out to look for bulk clothing wholesale marketplaces online. 

6. Wholesale2b

This is another wholesale website to buy bulk clothing for your retail store from. This store caters exceptionally well to simple and handy clothing choices that go well as daily wear. It has amazing clothing ranges properly arranged according to various seasonal fashion styles and trends. 

Wholesale2b is a go-to option for those looking to open a store catering to everyday clothing and accessories for various seasons. They have remarkable customer service and dropshipping options that basically make the work of setting up a retail shop way easier than ever before. 


There are many different markets available online to buy your clothes in bulk. The things you need to consider are the services provided by the wholesale store, the pricing on the wholesale products, the quality of the products, the benefits that come along with the services, and the resale margin on the products. 

Keeping all this in mind, make sure that you select the best store after a considerate comparison between various trusted wholesale stores. 

Additionally, note the different criteria to select the clothes that you buy wholesale. Criteria such as fashion trends, resale margins, combinations, colour varieties, accessories to go, and a plethora of other things affect the sales. Make sure that you empty the old stocks before you go in to buy the new ones. 

If you ever want to settle with the most convenient places to buy clothes in bulk, you can get connected with Fashinza and start ordering from 400+ manufacturers belonging to different countries.


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