June 10, 2021
Fabric nameNeopreneFabric also known asScuba fabric, PolychloropreneHeat retention abilityHighLargest exporterUSACommonly used inWetsuits, scuba gear, swimsuits, electronics cases, sportswear, sports bras, gaskets, industrial equipment m History Neoprene is the generic brand name of polymerized rubbers known as polychloroprene. Neoprene is fully waterproof, which makes it ideal for wetsuits and other gear designed to insulate against wet...
Fabric nameNylonFabric also known asPolymer fabricFabric breathabilityLowStretchabilityHighMajor exportersChina, India and PakistanFabric usesTights, stockings, sportswear, yoga pants, and other form-fitting types of apparel Origins Nylon is an entirely synthetic polymer based fiber. Its origin dates to the 1920s when it was first developed by the DuPont corporation. At the time, DuPont marketed nylon primarily for textile...
‘Carbon footprint’ is a concept used to describe the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions (e.g, carbon dioxide) produced by individuals, corporations etc. The term itself is part of the broader ‘ecological footprint’ used to measure our impact on the environment. It is also one of the most popular concepts used in conversations on climate...

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We are a tech enabled platform solving all clothing supply problems by connecting fashion brands to experienced manufacturers. We secure 100% transparency in communication, procure best deals with low MoQs, and guarantee safe timely delivery of products. We prioritize ethical treatment of workers and sustainable production. You may consider Fashinza as the future of supply chain management!

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