May 25, 2021
Athleisure is the fastest growing apparel category in the fashion industry. As per Market Industry Reports (MIR), the global athleisure market is expected to cross $165 billion in the near future. Health Conscious Consumers in a Pandemic The pandemic has blurred the line between gym clothes and casual wear. Sartorial preferences have undergone an interesting...
Sustainable fashion is a growing movement in the fashion industry. The goals of sustainable fashion is to foster greater ecological integrity as well as promote social justice. These goals can be achieved through making products fair-trade and eco-friendly. Long-term changes include systemic reforms in the fashion industry, particularly when it comes to the global supply...

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We are a tech enabled platform solving all clothing supply problems by connecting fashion brands to experienced manufacturers. We secure 100% transparency in communication, procure best deals with low MoQs, and guarantee safe timely delivery of products. We prioritize ethical treatment of workers and sustainable production. You may consider Fashinza as the future of supply chain management!

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