May 4, 2021
FabricSatinTypesAntique satin, Baronet satin, Charmeuse satin, Crepe back satin, Duchess satin, Messaline satinMajor ExporterChinaUsed ForPillowcases, sheets, dresses, pants, lingerie, slips, tank tops, evening wear, robes, handkerchiefs, tiesThread CountWeaved using four or more weft threads going over one warp thread, or vice versaBreathabilityHigh One of the fundamental types of textile weaves along with plain weave and...
FabricChiffonTypesSilk crepe chiffon, Silk satin chiffon, Pearl chiffon, Jacquard chiffon and Chameleon chiffonMajor ExporterChinaUsed ForEvening wear, nightgowns, blouses, scarves, lingerie, ribbons, wedding dressesThread CountWeaved out of highly twisted filament yarns BreathabilityHigh Chiffon is a lightweight plain woven sheer fabric like gossamer. The fabric is created out of highly twisted filament yarns with an exceptional finesse. This...
Fabric nameVISCOSEFabric also calledRAYONBreathabilityHIGHMoisture wicking abilityHIGHMajor Producers and ExportersChina, India, Pakistan, EuropeUsesClothing, household items, industrial belts, silk alternatives ORIGIN  Viscose also known as rayon is a fabric made up of wood cellulose and synthetic substances. The name of this substance comes from the process that’s used to make it: at one stage, rayon is a...
Fabric nameSpandexFabric also known asLycra, ElastaneStretchabilityVery highMajor producersChina, India, USAUsed forAthletic wear, underwear, socks, bras, bike shorts, yoga pants, hiking apparel, motion capture suits 1. History of spandex Spandex, also called Lycra, was first produced in a laboratory by Joseph Shivers in 1958. Unlike other traditional fibers, spandex has been around for less than seven...
Fabric nameCorduroyFabric known asManchester cloth, Corded velveteen, Elephant cordBreathabilityMediumStretchabilityLowMajor producersChina and IndiaMajor importersUSA, EuropeCommonly used inPants, overalls, jackets, uniforms, shirts, dresses, pillows, upholstery Origin Corduroy alias Manchester cloth, corded velveteen, or elephant cordis a long-lasting fabric, notable for its incomparable ridged design. Textile manufacturers in England developed modern corduroy in the 18th century. Some annotations...

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