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Experience a fast, smart, and stress-free sourcing journey. Enjoy 100% traceability with real-time updates and ground reports.

  • MoQ starts at only 50 pieces per design*

  • Produce 3x faster and experiment with multiple categories

  • Maximize profit with best prices in the industry

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The Future Of Fashion Supply Chain

Indulge in the most satisfying apparel sourcing experience where technology meets sustainability to reduce your woes and optimize your sales!

Track pre-production and sampling process

Effortlessly track and participate in the production cycle

  • Track daily progress on your personalised production dashboard
  • Communicate your needs without hesitation at every stage of production
Track pre-production and sampling process

Absolute Transparency With Direct Ground Reports

Receive images and videos from the ground on demand

  • Detailed tracking of each step in the production cycle is enabled
  • Sustainable production and ethical working conditions are ensured
Absolute Transparency With Direct Ground Reports

Single source of truth

Enjoy precision in designs and short lead times at once

  • Share your requirements with ease
  • Get instant quotes from multiple suppliers
  • Experiment with new categories with low MOQs
Single source of truth

Smart and Easy Techpack For An Organized Approach

List all your requirements in one place with a techpack

  • Specify exact design with images to avoid miscommunication
  • Receive instant quotes for your orders
  • Customize products with logos or prints of your choice
Smart and Easy Techpack For An Organized Approach

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Connecting brands and manufacturers across the world

Fashinza Global Presence

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Quick and Safe Delivery

We have the best shipping partners in the industry to deliver your orders at lightning fast speed! We take complete responsibility for the products during transit to ensure there’s no loss or damage along the way!

Quick and Safe Delivery